Embedding a YouTube Video on Your Web Site

1. Go to the video on YouTube that would like to embed on your web page.

2. Select and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser. (see the first attached screen shot called “copy_youtube_url.png”) You can copy it by either using the “Copy” commend from the “Edit” menu, or just by typing Ctrl-C while the text is selected.

3. In your web site admin, go to the page where you would like to embed the video. In the page editor, place your cursor where you would like to place the video. (see the second attached screen shot called “select_placement.png”)

4. Then select the “Insert embedded media” tool button in the editor’s tool bar. (see the third attached screen shot called “click_toolbutton.png”)

5. In the “Insert/Edit Embedded Media” box, select “YouTube (iframe)” for the “Type”. (see the fourth attached screen shot called “dialog_box.png” for the this step, and the next two steps)

6. Paste the URL you copied into the “File/URL” box (you can use “Paste” from the edit menu, or just type Ctrl-P).

7. The default size is fine for most site pages, but you can make it smaller or larger by just changing the width - and the height will change automatically, so it will stay in proportion.

8. Then when you click the "Insert" button, it should show a yellow box as a placeholder where the video will be included on the page. (see the fifth attached screen shot called “finished.png”)

9. Then you just need to save the page, and check the actual page on the site to make sure it looks okay.


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    Vicki Swarnkar

    I'm going to need some extra help with this. I know how to copy and paste the you tube address and I already have the page made up on my site but I'm not understanding how it's all supposed to get into the catalog....duh here

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